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December 24, 2014
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A best-selling book about business success features an acknowledgement to Frank Gambuzza, co-owner of Knoxville-based The Visage Group, which includes Salon Visage, Spa Visage, Studio Visage, BeStyled Knoxville, Visage Advanced Hair Academy and Frank’s Barbershop.

Jon Gordon, author of The Carpenter: A Story About the Greatest Success Strategies of All Time, met Gambuzza a couple of years ago on a flight from Cancun.

“We were both keynote speakers at conventions,” Gambuzza says. “I spoke to Canada’s top salon owners; I’m honestly not sure which group he was speaker for. I got on the flight at the last second. I almost missed it.”

Gordon almost missed the flight as well, and the men were seated next to each other.

“Jon told me how fortunate he was to get on. I told him he must be living right…and on and on it went. Nothing but positivity from both of us,” Gambuzza continues.

The conversation changed when Gordon shot off a text to the head coach of the Detroit Pistons.

“Of course, he had no idea Lawrence Frank was a friend of mine. I told Jon to say hello from me. Jon texted he was on the plane with a hairdresser. Lawrence said, ‘It must be Gambuzza!'”

From there, the men talked about business and the success of The Visage Group, which is how Frank Gambuzza ended up in the acknowledgements of The Carpenter. Copies of the book can be ordered here.

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