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Salon industry forum creates community hub

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Success isn’t about having all the answers; it’s about knowing where to find them.  Since its inception in 2012, individuals in the salon industry have been joining a forum called Serious Stylist, a platform for stylists and salon owners to share ideas, announce events, create blogs, and ultimately learn from each other. While creativity, fashion and technique are a major focus for most stylists, the “business side” of the industry (such as financial success and how to operate a salon) is equally important.

“Here at Serious Stylist, we don’t discuss how hairspray works-we discuss how to sell hairspray, and how to generate a business model in order to sell that hairspray with success,” says Serious Stylist owner Jon Haigwood. As a former stylist and current salon owner, Haigwood’s passion for salons and hair led him to the creation of Serious Stylist in April of 2012.

Haigwood created Serious Stylist after he faced years of challenges that come with owning a salon. “I ran into a lot of roadblocks, and ultimately I gained the knowledge I needed through networking with other salon owners,” says Haigwood. “I then decided to create a platform for everyone in our industry to be able to ask questions and get direct answers, from salon professionals who are simply interested in sharing their knowledge.”

Key contributing members to Serious Stylist include Kathy Jager, author of As The Chair Turns, Carolyn Demarco, Director of Education at The Brittany Group and Zane Hagy writer for Salon Today Magazine. Members of Serious Stylist can also create private groups on the site as a way to create a communication platform for their own salon staff members.

Joining Serious Stylist is free and simple to navigate. Go to (, and click ‘sign up’ to join the community of salon stylists and business owners alike. Here, you will have access to stylist’s blogs, helpful articles, and educational events. Get serious about styling, join Serious Stylist.

About Serious Stylist

Serious Stylist is owned and founded by Jon Haigwood, Salon Business Consultant for Salon Concepts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Serious Stylist believes in the importance of the business side of the salon industry, and is aimed towards assisting in solving salon-related questions and concerns through this community-based forum. Serious Stylist has members from across the globe, creating a quick and simple resource for its members. For more information on Serious Stylist, visit (