Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville Has C-Class, Named World Car of the Year
April 3, 2015
Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville Helps Family With Gift Purchase
April 8, 2015

Customer service is the heart of everything Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville does, and we love to read stories about members of our team providing the best experience possible to our customers. Take this note from Raven:

“Being prior military, I love to just go in and come out with little trouble. I did my own research and had an excellent experience from Josie Phillips. I had all my paperwork complete right before I came to this dealership. My friend’s kids were with me and they offered them drinks or snacks. There was also another family there that were getting their wheels replaced due to a blowout on the road. That is dedication there, trying to make them comfortable as possible. I highly recommended this dealer to my fellow veterans and even offered to drive them there if needed and I live four hours away.”

Thanks for the kind words, Raven. And thanks, Josie, for your passion for customer service!

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