Celebrating an exciting collaboration with Boys & Girls Club of the Tennessee Valley
February 18, 2017
Being Liked is Overrated
November 5, 2017

We hear it all the time.

“If only we could get some media attention our event/program would be more successful.”

Problem is, this “hypodermic needle model” or “magic bullet theory” thinking doesn’t work. If everyone watching or reading about your thing received, accepted and acted on your message, every event would be a sell out and every fund-raising goal would be reached. Every time.

If only.

Your thing has a major flaw: just because you’re doing it doesn’t mean anyone cares.

“Gasp,” you say, clutching your theoretical pearls, “but this thing is important.”

Of course is it. So are 956 things happening the same weekend.

“But last year we were on a morning show, a late afternoon show and the highlight spot on page two of the paper.”

That was so last year.

Media relations has changed. A lot. Live interview opportunities are disappearing. Taped news stories are harder to get. The number of journalists is shrinking. “News hole” is smaller. April the Giraffe gets a lot of air time.

It’s a jungle out there.

We’ll ask lots of questions about your thing: Is there a compelling story we can tell? What’s new? What makes it different?

Then we’ll write a news release and pitch your thing to our media contacts and see what happens.