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December 21, 2016
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January 20, 2017

Every time a review is posted online, there’s basically two initial reactions:

  1. the self-congratulatory high-five for a good review, or
  2. the seething sense of believe that customers simply don’t know what they’re talking about for a bad review.

Most people know how important it is to reply to negative reviews, but many overlook the value of responding to positive reviews. Replying to positive reviews can be just as important to replying to those pesky complaints.

Here’s a few of the reasons that you should always reply to the positive reviews:

  • It’s simply the right thing to do. If someone walks up to you on the street and tells you that you look amazing, at a minimum you say ‘Thank You.’ (If someone did that to me, I’d likely pass out – but that’s a personal problem I have with handling compliments). This isn’t as private as someone talking to you on the street, they’ve left a positive review in a public space, so be extra appreciative!
  • It’s a marketing tool. People read reviews. When someone reads about another customer’s positive experience and they see your reply, and how you treat your customers/friends, it’s a chance to start developing a relationship with these new people.
  • It will help the positive reviews show in search results, as they will have activity and be seen as more useful reviews, raising them in the world of online rankings.

Responding to positive reviews is one of the simplest things you’ll ever do. Just follow these three very simple steps.

  1. Be real. Make sure the reply provides specific comments about the review and mentions a name, you don’t want people to think that a random piece of software is simply giving a ‘thumbs-up’ to positive review.
  2. Talk to the search engines as well as the people, be sure to pepper in a couple things you need indexed online such as the name of your business and the service you’re talking about. Don’t just say, “We’re glad you had a great experience,” say “On behalf of XXX we’re thrilled you’re enjoying the best haircut you’ve ever received in Chicago!”
  3. Add anything else that might be helpful. Mention a new product they may wish to try, new service hours that could make life even better, new items that are coming in next week, etc. etc. – use this chance to market to the reviewer and those that read the reviews.

The next time one of those positive reviews comes in, don’t just give yourself a high-five, and don’t just say ‘Thanks!’ — use this as a chance to strengthen your ties to the consumer, offer them new opportunities to visit you, and let the world know how much you appreciate them.